The Philippines is a profoundly migrant nation with a large number of citizens leaving the country every year and over 10% of the residents work overseas. Remarkably, many of migrants are female who frequently have young children left behind. The bonds present in such families rely oninternational communication, which, for Filipinos (as in many others in developing countries), is growing more reliant upon cell phones.

Lately, some questions arose as to why calls made to some countries are higher priced than other countries, and why we were only quite recently able to lower these rates for some countries, but not others. Regrettably, we don’t have full power over the international rates. There are some determinants in the process of deciding on a call rate for a region. It depends chiefly on how united the country is to the rest of the world, and how competitive the telecom industry is in the country. Many countries have the obstacle or market domination and limited connectivity, which will hopefully improve shortly.

Duo Canada

Comway has an exclusive partnership with Globe from 2013 July to 2015 September. Now Globe has opened a distribution to many other distributors in Canada, because of the demand that Comway has produced. Globe decided to do this, despite the fact that Comway has invested much money and time to develop the market from 2013 July to September 2015.

Usually all Major telecom companies offer 10-15 cents/Minutes, Globe is the only one offer unlimited service to the Philippines, We are Comway,proud that we had introduced Globe DUO Canada, and we have launched in 2013 July, now the service sustainable growing, subscribers have increased on a daily basis.

duo canada

Comway has discovered this gap in knowledge and pricing discomforting as well, and we want to show our honest disappointment to our buyers. We know how costly international calls can be (especially calls to the Philipines), and if there were a way we could minimize the rates all-around,we definitely would. Thankfully, with Comway you never have to be bothered about disruption or connection fees. There are no hidden charges, contrary to many less consumer-friendly services and calling cards. We promise you we will proceed to offer greatly competitive rates and give you high-quality service.

Making overseas calls to the Philippines using minutes is not cost effective. For this reason, Comway has introduced Globe DUO Canada Unlimited calling services to the Philippines for just $28/Month. There’re always ways to save money with Comway. Just think; all of your calls back home could be no more than $28/month!


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