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We are glad you find the best and most reliable mobile and land line phone network for the Philippines and our services are limitless, unlimited and very effective in ensuring good communication between you and your family and love ones back in the Philippines. We realize that in Philippines, people are practically cut off from their siblings, children, lovers and kids who live, work or study in Canada and the United States due to expensive and unreliable phone lines and networks. Communication is a big part of humanity and everyone deserves to communicate, talk and hear from his or her relatives and friends. To us at DUO Canada, communication is a right to all Philippines and as such we offer the best, reliable, trusted and reputable phone line network for every Philippines at the most affordable rate.

We have succeeded in keeping families and friend together through the use of versatile and effective technology which provides customers with the Mobile or Land Lines through which they can call and speak with anyone in Philippines. You get to speak with your parents, kids, lovers and spouse, friends and siblings at a local calling rate in Canada. Duo Canada is totally committed to offering the best quality service and as such, it covers both the two major mobile operators in Philippines as well as other Telecom operators around the world.  Our service allows every Philippines living abroad the opportunity to use his or her Philippines local lines anywhere they are like local phoning lines at their various destinations. Our services extends to various mobile and line Operators in the Philippines and they include Globe Mobile, Touch Mobile, Smart Mobile, SUN Cellular, TNT, PLDT Landline and much more as we strive to expand our coverage at all times to ensure better and greater effectiveness.

Subscribe today and be assured of a calling network that offers superb clarity on international calls that is very affordable. Registration is free and you are only required to provide your basic information which we promise never to divulge to anyone. Our monthly subscription is US $39 and this can be paid easily from the comfort of your room with your credit card on our safe and secured platform. Get and effective and unlimited linkage to every Philippines and provide them the cheapest and most efficient service to reach you in any of the above listed countries now by deciding for DUO Canad. Its your right to call and communicate and we provide with the network that preserves the right without overcharging.


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